ColorBack Products Corp. is solely dedicated to the transformation of your concrete pavers, brick pavers, stamped concrete, standard concrete and more. Our proprietary shaded sealers are one of a kind. ColorBack associates work closely with each of our customers to understand your individual wants and needs.

We infuse the original color stamp back into your pavers after our paver cleaning process. Our paver sealing system provides color and sealer together. The results are extraordinary

Our ColorBack system will restore your pavers color and brilliance, just as when they were new.

  This exclusive application is comprised of a transparent based color match formula that is fused into the paver as it is sealed. ​Restoring the orginal beauty of your pavers.

Don't be mislead by others, clear sealers alone will not restore your pavers to there original color. 

Unlike other companies that offer only a clear sealer, ColorBack Products Corp restores your pavers by infusing the original color back into the paver, while sealing them. The results are extraordinary. No more stains, blems and a finish that is 3 times more brilliant than any other.

Keep your original color spectrum or change it.  When it comes to concrete design, we are the very best. Ordinary concrete becomes a work of art.

A significant design improvement for any business or residence. 

           Rule of thumb... Its all in the preparation

          Our clients tell us the same story over and over again                                                                           "the last crew didn't cover the pool"                                                                                         so happy you guys are.  

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PLUMBING issues caused this repair. they could not find anyone

that would commit to matching the original flooring until they



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  My husband was driving up to the guard gate to our home when he called to confirm that the guys were in fact doing the coloring in our driveway today. Next thing I know he shouted out "O my God" wait to you see this. I cant believe it, it looks amazing.

  When I arrived just a few minutes later, my reaction was the same. I think my first words were "wow". These guys really deliver what they say. They really put the color back into our pavers and saved us a whole lot of money. We were considering replacing the pavers with new ones until we spoke with Anthony.  I Highly recommend them.

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